Антенны: Земные станции

3.7 Meter Manual Pipe Mount Earth Station Antenna

Производитель: ASC Signal
Страна: США

The ASC Signal 3.7 meter dual reflector pipe mount antenna features 360 degrees of course azimuth coverage and 0 to 90 degrees of elevation point range.
This large range of adjustment provides the ability to view geostationary satellites, horizon to horizon, from any location in the world.
This antenna’s pipe mount enables efficient load transfer to the foundation, providing mount rigidity.
The unique Gregorian Optics system and close-tolerance manufacturing techniques provide an extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain and closely controlled pattern characteristics.
• High gain and excellent pattern characteristics
• Gregorian Optics
• Self-aligning main reflector
• 3 year warranty on all structural components
• Eutelsat Type Approval, EA-A002


Адрес: 115088, г. Москва, Шарикоподшипниковская ул., д. 4
Телефон/факс: (495) 96-800-96
E-mail: rfq@satcast.ru