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4.0 Meter Earth Station Antenna System

The ASC Signal 4.0 low-cost earth station antenna provides extremely accurate surface contour, high gain and superior efficiency.
Option of 2 mount types allows versatility in installations.
The optional pedestal mount allows for motorized applications and features 180 degree azimuth coverage in three continuous overlapping ranges.
The antenna offers an optional low-cost mount utilizing a customer provided pipe mount.
In addition, an optional equipment enclosure is available for mounting RF equipment at the antenna.
This antenna is capable of C, X, Ku, and Low PIM

 High gain, excellent pattern characteristics. Gregorian Optics
 Self-aligning main reflector no optional field alignment
 3-year warranty on all structural components
 Meets U.S. FCC Regulation 25.209 at Ku-band
 ITU-R S.580 and S.465 compliant


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