Антенны: Земные станции

4.5 Meter Pedestal, Manual Tripod and High Wind Tripod Antennas

Производитель: ASC Signal
Страна: США

Used world-wide in high-density data, voice, communications networks and broadcast applications, the ASC Signal 4.5 meter earth station antenna features an exclusively designed 2 or 4-port prime focus, beam-shaping feed and ground plane configuration.
This versatile antenna can be configured in transmit and receive or receive only; either linear or circular polarized; C-band, Ku-band, X-band or hybrid C/Ku receive only.
The pedestal mount is manual or motorizable. The standard tripod mount is manual only. The high wind tripod mount is motorizable.
• 3 year warranty on all structural components
• High gain
• Easy assembly
• Russian Homologation Certificate # OC/1-AO-136


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