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3.7 Meter Dual Reflector Pedestal Mount

Производитель: ASC Signal
Страна: США

The ASC Signal 3.7 meter dual reflector pedestal mount earth station antenna provides extremely accurate surface contour, high gain and superior efficiency.
The versatile pedestal mount allows for fixed or motorized applications and features 180 degree azimuth coverage in three continuous overlapping ranges.
The aluminum hub and hot-dipped galvanized steel mount maintains pointing accuracy and ensures durability and reliability.
• High gain and excellent pattern characteristics
• Gregorian Optics
• Self-aligning main reflector
• 180 mph high wind option (manual antennas)
• 3 year warranty on all structural components
• Eutelsat Type Approval, 2-Port Ku-band EA-A002
• Asiasat Approval, Type 2
• Apstar Approval
• INTELSAT® Approval, E-2 at Ku-band: IA12A00, 2-Port; IA12B00, 4-Port
• U.S. FCC Regulation 25.209 at Ku-band Approval
• Russian Homologation Certificate OC/1-AO-136


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