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High Linearity & Variable Gain NiGMa L-band Matrix Router - 32x32 NGMC-30-S5S5

Производитель: ETL
Страна: Великобритания

L-band Matrix 32x32 NGMC-30-S5S5: 32 Inputs x 32 Outputs Combining Hot-swap NiGMa L-band Matrix with HIGH LINEARITY and VARIABLE GAIN and 50Ω SMA connectors.

A variety of impedances and connector types are available, as shown below.

Now in its 3rd generation, the NiGMa L-band Matrix has proved to be genuinely high performance with excellent flatness or frequency response, excellent isolation, and linearity - a truly leading edge L-band Router.

The NiGMa L-band matrix has hot swap of all active components - RF cards, CPU's and PSU's. In addition the NiGMa L-band Matrix has the designed-in resilience provided by one RF card for each RF input and output, dual redundant CPU's, and dual redundant PSU's.

The NiGMa L-band Matrix also has extensive on-board monitoring - and reporting - of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.

Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

In general our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.

Full Fan-in Matrix (or fully combining matrix): any input can be routed to any output. Many inputs can be routed to each output. Each input can only be routed to one output. Tends to be more TX.

32 x 32 L-band signal routing evolves to new heights

ETL’s popular high performance NiGMa L-band combining (fan-in) matrix evolves to set new benchmarks for RF performance and leading edge technologies.
The next generation of NiGMa matrix focuses on improved resilience and performance the impact of failure is minimised throughout the unit. The NGMC-30  matrix joins the existing NiGMa range by providing high linearity and variable gain.

As ETL customers use matrices in mission-critical applications, we understand the importance of redundancy and hot swap. Input and output cards, power  supplies, CPU controller cards, fans and the new VGA human interface can all be hot swapped. New Matrix design means there is one card associated with each input and each output – so failure of a card only affects one channel. For broadcasters, satellite operators and the defence sector, this provides exceptional resilience. The refined design offers rugged dual redundant power supplies with simple front access, enhanced CPU change-out, hot-swap fans and new card connectors. Web Browser Interface is standard on an NGMC-30.

Improved RF performance of the NiGMa which provides superior Isolation, frequency response or flatness, and 1 dB GCP levels – helping our customers ensure that their o v e r a l l R F c h a i n s i g n a l p e r f o r m a n c e i s o p t i m i s e d .

Self Diagnostics with continuous monitoring (and reporting) of amplifier status, PSU status (including temperature), fan speed and internal communications is  included as standard. Any problems are rapidly identified and hot swap means they can be addressed in minutes.


Fast Matrix Card Changeout from front and rear

Touchscreen VGA control with security log on for up to 10 users

Aliases (10 character) on front screen to identify signal sources

On board log records all routing changes for each user

Resilience is designed-in

The NiGMa matrix has been designed with resilience in mind. The impact of component failure is minimised and all active components can be hot swapped.
Problems are rapidly identified and can be easily sorted out.

Minimal impact from card failure One card per input and one card per output mean that the impact of card failure is minimised. Cards can be hot-swapped, and hot expansion can take place in single increments.

Minimal impact from CPU failure The matrix contains dual redundant CPU’s which both operate in parallel. If one CPU fails the other automatically becomes the master. CPU’s can be hot-swapped.

Minimal impact from PSU failure Dual redundant PSU’s can be hot-swapped.

Rapid diagnosis of problems The matrix continuously monitors the conditions of amplifiers, CPUs and PSUs. Any faults are immediately reported through the front panel and remotely. Alarms report the specific faults down to component level.

The Enigma Matrix can be adapted and grown to a number of different sizes

Master Matrix offers routing control from touchscreen or remotely

Hot-Swap Input & Output Matrix Cards on all modules offer easy expansion

Active Splitter & combiners offer patch panel & gain options

All modules offer hot-swap CPUs and PSUs for peace of mind


Capacity 32 inputs x 32 outputs
Routing Combining, non blocking
Frequency Range 850-2150 MHz (L-band)
RF Connectors 50Ω SMA
Flatness (850-2150MHz) ± 1.25 dB
Flatness (Any 36MHzRF) ± 0.25 dB
Input Return Loss 16 dB typical
Output Return Loss 16 dB typical
Gain ( Gmax) nominal, mean across band
Gain ( Gmin) nominal, mean across band
Gain (Gain Control Steps) nominal, mean across band
1 dB Compression 10 dBm typically
Noise Figure 28 dB worst case
Isolation I/P – O/P 60 dB
Isolation I/P – I/P 70 dB
Isolation O/P – O/P 70 dB


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