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Vulcan L-band Matrix Router 128x128l VCN-10-S5S5

Производитель: ETL
Страна: Великобритания

L-band Matrix VCN-10-S5S5: 128 Inputs x 128 Outputs Distributive Hot-swap Vulcan with dual redundant power supplies and 50 Ω SMA connectors

128 Inputs x 128 Outputs Distributive Hot-swap Vulcan L-band Matrix.

ETL has a broad L-band Switch Matrix and L-band Router range for Satellite communications, including the hot-swap Vulcan L-band Matrix which is used for many high resilience high performance applications.

The Vulcan L-band Matrix is housed in a 16U 19" rack enclosure. It has a module capacity of 128 inputs x 128 outputs, but can be part populated to any size, such as those shown below.
A variety of impedances and connector types are available.

The Vulcan L-band Matrix has hot swap of all active components - RF cards, CPU's and PSU's. In addition the Vulcan L-band Matrix has the designed-in resilience provided by dual redundant CPU's, and dual redundant PSU's.

The Vulcan L-band Matrix also has extensive on-board monitoring - and reporting - of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.

Non-blocking: this means any input can be routed to any output.

In general our solid state (L-band) matrices are non-blocking.

Full Fan-out Matrix (or fully distributive or splitting matrix): any input can be routed to any output. One input can be routed to many outputs. Each output can only have one input. Tends to be more RX.

The Vulcan is a highly compact matrix in a 16U shelf and offers a full fan-out / fully distributive system covering 850 to 2150MHz.
Features include auto re-routing and a colour XGA Touch screen for fast control and monitoring.
All active RF and CPU cards are designed to be hot-swapped from the front and rear without removing RF cables or connectors.

ETL’s new Vulcan L-band matrix is designed to offer an extremely compact form factor, and compliments the NiGMa range of high resilience routers. Derived from the TiTan IF matrix, Vulcan ‘s revolutionary architecture focuses on compactness.
Offering up to 128 x 128 routing in one chassis, this resilient matrix offers a high performance solution to frequent signal routing changes.


Capacity 128 inputs x 128 outputs
Routing Distributive,non-blocking
Frequency Range 850-2150 MHz (L-band)
RF Connectors 50 Ω SMA
Gain (mean across band) 0±2.5 dB
Gain Flatness (850 –2150 MHz) / (Any 60 MHz) ±3.0 dB / ±0.5 dB
Gain Tracking ±2.0 dB
Max Gain Gmax +10±1.5 dB
Min Gain Gmin -10±1.5 dB
Gain Flatness (850 –2150 MHz) / (Any 60 MHz) ±2.0 dB / ±0.7 dB
Gain Alignment ±1.0 dB
Gain Steps 1.0 dB Monotonous & control on inputs
1dB Compression ≥ 0 dBm output power & unity gain setting
Noise Figure 25 dB typical Unity Gain Setting
Input Return Loss 18 dB typ, 12 dB min
Output Return Loss 18 dB typ, 12 dB min
IP3 ≥ +10 dBm
IP2 ≥ +20 dBm
Isolation (I/P - O/P) ≥ 60 dB
Isolation (I/P - I/P) ≥ 60 dB typical
Isolation (O/P - O/P) ≥ 60 dB
Group Delay ≤ 2.0 ns
Switching time ≤ 100 ms TBC From when command received by interface until the connection is made
AC Power 85-264V AC (47/63Hz) Fused, 20A via IEC C20 inlets


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