Антенны: Drive-Away

SWE-DISH® DA CCT120 Drive-Away Satellite Terminal

Производитель: DataPath Inc. (SWE-DISH)
Страна: США

The HD proven SWE-DISH® CCT120 Drive-Away by Rockwell Collin is one of the most advanced satellite terminals on the market. With no cables to feed through the roof, you can mount the CCT120 Drive-Away to just about any vehicle in your fleet. With the CCT120 Drive-Away, you get a rugged, lightweight, fully enclosed system that deploys quickly and gracefully, so you can transmit your SNG contribution back to base in no time.

Also, with the CCT120 Drive-Away you get a sleek, attractive Ku-band system. Broadcasters like CNN, ABC and the BBC rely on SWE-DISH Drive-Away systems for their speed and their ability to keep out sand, dust and water. And the innovation of CommuniCase® Technology lets you experience improved flexibility, performance and significant cost advantages.

Key Features & Benefits
-Certification: Intelsat and Eutelsat type approved.
-Low weight, easy to install: Designed for permanent or temporary installation on any SUV, minivan, MPV or larger vehicle without any vehicle modification.
-High style, low drag: Sleek, attractive unit with new azimuth turntable stays fully enclosed during transport to keep drag low and speeds high.
-Contact typically in under five minutes: Easy one-man operation, an intuitive GUI and fully automatic point-and-shoot antenna control depending on modem used.
-Reliable: Constructed of rugged materials and thoroughly tested to withstand the tough environmental conditions of live broadcast situations.
-High transmission data rate: Up to and above 20 Mpbs, depending on configuration; a highly efficient Gregorian dual offset elliptical antenna and feed system with low loss achieves a high EIRP.
-Eutelsat type approved

There are merits to being the first to race to the scene. But what  happens when the scene starts racing toward you?
Get the story and go with the new HD-proven Rockwell Collins  SWE-DISH CCT120 Drive-Away System with CommuniCase® technology. The quickest-to-air vehicle mount in the world.
The benefits of CommuniCase technology’s common modular architecture in a unique  Ku-band system – the new CCT120 DriveAway is the most innovative satellite terminal to hit the roof. In fact, you don’t even need a dedicated roof. You can mount the same CCT120 Drive-Away to just about any vehicle in your fleet because there’s no cable feed through the roof. With the CCT120 Drive-Away, you get a rugged, lightweight, fully enclosed system that deploys quickly and gracefully, so you can transmit your SNG contribution back to base in no time.
Key FeaTures
> Low weight, easy to install – designed for permanent or temporary installation on any SUV, Minivan, MPV or larger vehicle without any vehicle modification
> High style, low drag – sleek, attractive unit with new azimuth turntable stays fully enclosed during transport to keep drag low and speeds high
> Contact typically in under five minutes – easy one-man operation, an intuitive GUI and fully automatic point-andshoot antenna control depending on modem used. It’s easy to see why it’s the world’s fastest vehicle mount system
> Reliable – constructed of rugged materials and thoroughly tested to surpass the tough conditions and environmental standards of live broadcast situations
> High transmission data rate – up to and above 20 Mpbs, depending on configuration, a highly efficient Gregorian dual offset elliptical antenna and feed system with low loss achieves a very high EIRP


Antenna Aperture 1.2 x 0.84 m ( 47.24 x 33.07 in)
Transmit Frequency 13.75-14.50 GHz
EIRP @ Saturation 58 dBW (50 W SSPA) 63 dBW (180 W TWTA)
Receive Frequency 10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Polarization Linear
G/T @ 20° Elevation 21 dB/K @ 11.8 GHz (Co-pol: 20 dB/K)
Polarization Range 190°
Адрес: 115088, г. Москва, Шарикоподшипниковская ул., д. 4
Телефон/факс: (495) 96-800-96
E-mail: rfq@satcast.ru