Антенны: Drive-Away

SWE-DISH® DA150K Compact Drive-Away Antenna System

Производитель: DataPath Inc. (SWE-DISH)
Страна: США

The Rockwell Collins SWE-DISH® DA150K Compact Drive-Away is a small size antenna-only concept for vehicle mounted antenna systems. We shortened the standard antenna pod (used for the DA150K) by replacing the fairing with a hard protective cover to protect the antenna base. The shorter pod enables you to mount the DA150K Compact on any vehicle. And fitting to the rooftop is easy thanks to a supporting frame that distributes the load of the antenna. The key component of the DA150K satellite antenna is the high performing elliptical 1.5 m Gregorian offset antenna.

During transportation, the DA150K Compact has a low profile, offering low drag and good appearance. The fully encapsulated pod protects the antenna mechanism, including feed arm and RF components, and reduces wear and tear from brushes or dust during transportation.

Key Features & Benefits
-Low profile: Low drag and nonconspicuous.
-Small and compact: Aluminum frame distributes the weight and fits any vehicle.
-Rugged: All equipment is totally encapsulated during transportation.
-High EIRP: Supports simultaneous HD and SD, IP streaming or DVB-S2, contribution channels.
-Wide choice of configurations: Automatic alignment with GPS, step tracking, single thread, redundant, phase combined and integrated aircon system.
-Gregorian offset: High performance antenna, giving >80% efficiency gain.
-Compliant: FCC compliant, Intelsat/Eutelsat compliant, station approvals.

A high performing, easy to use and rugged satellite system.
The Rockwell Collins SWE-DISH DA150K Compact Drive-Away is a small size antenna only concept for vehicle mounted antenna systems. The standard antenna
pod had been made shorter by replacing the fairing with a hard protective cover to protect the antenna base. The shorter pod enables the DA150K Compact Drive-Away to be mounted on any vehicle. Fitting to the rooftop is easy thanks to a supporting frame that distributes the load of the antenna.
High performing antenna
The key component of the DA150K Drive-Away satellite antenna is the high performing elliptical 1.5m Gregorian offset antenna. Thanks to the Gregorian offset design the antenna has an unprecedented antenna efficiency of >80%. The dual optics and accurate carbon fiber reflector surface provide exceptional low side lobes and good cross-polar performance. The antenna mount is a large diameter turntable, totally backlash free in both elevation and azimuth.
Straightforward integration
The rooftop integration capabilities are unsurpassed. You can have anything from a 20 W SSPA giving 56 dBW, to the high power configuration 200 W or 400 W
TWTA’s - beaming up to 66 dBW and 69 dBW EIRP towards the bird. 
Ease of use and quick deployment
Operation is extremely easy if the GPS/ compass option is fitted. Using the SWE-DISH ACU3000, the operator simply chooses the satellite and the antenna automatically aligns. Typically within 10 minutes you are on the air, ready to transmit back to base. The proven Easy Control & Monitoring (ECM025) unit, step by step, helps the not-so-welltrained operator to configure and set up the system during line up towards the satellite.
Rugged design
During transportation the DA150K Compact Drive-Away has a low profile, giving low drag and good appearance. The fully encapsulated pod protects the antenna mechanism including feed arm and RF components, and reduces wear and tear from brushes or dust during transportation. At the same time all
parts are easily accessible for repair. This improves the antenna reliability and durability. The DA150K Compact Drive-Away is a high performing, easy to use and rugged satellite system. SWE-DISH DA150K Compact Drive-Away A high performing, easy to use and rugged satellite system. 


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