Антенны: Drive-Away

SWE-DISH® DA150K Mil Drive-Away Antenna System

Производитель: DataPath Inc. (SWE-DISH)
Страна: США

The SWE-DISH® DA150K Mil Drive-Away from Rockwell Collins is combat-proven, vehicle-mounted, encapsulated antenna system, suitable for rough and quick-to-air situations. Designed for military and government use, it can serve as a highly mobile command post, a hub for theater broadcast or a mounted antenna system on incident response vehicles.

The DA150K is extremely rugged, fully motorized and capable of both high- and low-power Ku-band transmissions. You can also choose to equip your system with X-band capability.

Short feed arms provide exceptional mechanical robustness. During transport, the system is totally encapsulated in the pod to reduce wear and tear from branches and dust. A low profile makes the antenna less conspicuous.

Key Features & Benefits
-Combat proven
-Rapid deployment in and out of action
-Easy and cost-effective integration
-Design delivers high EIRP and G/T
-Encapsulated and rugged
-FCC, Intelsat/Eutelsat, ETSI/CTR 030 approved, CE-marked with military EMC requirements

High perfomance in rugged environments.

  The Rockwell Collins SWE-DISH DA150Kb  Mil Drive-Away is a combat proven,  vehicle mounted, encapsulated antenna  system, suitable for rough and quick to air government applications, and can serve  situations. It is designed for military and  a highly mobile command post, a hub  for theatre broadcast or be mounted on  an incident response vehicle. The antenna  deploys automatically, and is set up for  transmission from inside the vehicle. The  DA150K Mil Drive-Away is  capable of both  high and low power Ku-band transmission  of data, voice and video. Auto pointing, and  automatic satellite acquisition using  a GPS and an electronic compass provide  for easy operation.

Straightforward integration

The roof pod equipment integration capability is unsurpassed - anything  from a 16 W transceiver to a high power  configuration with phase combined  400 W  TWTA’s plus an integrated Aircon,  beaming up to 72 dBW EIRP.  Integration is easy with only one set of  cables needed from the outside pod to the  inside electronic rack. Noise and heat inside  the vehicle are reduced by housing power  amplifiers and RF equipment inside the  pod. A low profile when stowed makes the  antenna less conspicuous and reduces drag  during transport. 

High perfomance antenna

The high performing elliptical 1.5 m (59 in) Gregorian offset antenna is the heart of the DA150K Mil Drive-Away. The dual optics and accurate carbon composite reflector surface give exceptionally low side lobes and good cross-polar performance. The antenna mount is on a large diameter turntable, making it backlash free in both elevation and azimuth.

Ease of use


Auto pointing makes the DA150K Mil Drave-Away easy to operate and quick to air in the fieid.  Inbuilt GPS, electronic compass and inclinometer, together with the Easy Control & Monitoring (ECM025) unit, allow the antenna to automatically acquire a selected satellite. If the same satellite and polarization are used, operation is reduced to pressing two buttons - Deploy and Stow - the rest is automatic. The operator needs a minimum of training to operate the system.

Rugged solution

The combat proven DA 150 K Mil Drive-Away is designed, manufactured and tested for  compliance with military specifications. The  pod encapsulates the  antenna, antenna  mechanism including feed arm and RF  components, to reduce wear and tear from  brushes or dust during transportation. At  the same time all parts are easily accessible  for repair. Extra care has been taken to  make all mechanics resistant to sand,  dust, and grit. The DA150K Mil Drive-Away  has successfully performed in combat operations.

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