Антенны: Fly-Away

SWE-DISH® FA150T Mil Fly-Away Satellite Terminal (Ku-band)

Производитель: DataPath Inc. (SWE-DISH)
Страна: США

You need a rugged, easy-to-transport and quick-to-deploy terminal. The combat-proven SWE-DISH® FA150T Mil Fly-Away (AN/USC-67) from Rockwell Collins delivers with a trusted reputation worldwide. First, its extremely rugged and the sturdy patented cage construction has integrated wheels and skid plate for easy transportation – it can deploy within 10 minutes. And its low profile makes it inconspicuous and increases wind stability. Next, you’ll find the lightweight antenna is optimized to keep package size down and efficiency up, without compromising strength and durability. The FA150T Mil Fly-Away is the world's smallest DISA certified tri-band terminal and can operate on Ku-, X- and C-band.

Key Features & Benefits
-Smart packaging: No superfluous crates; minimum volume and weight; skid plate and wheels
-Quick deployment: Typically deploys in less than 10 minutes.
-Helicopter transportable
-High performance antenna: Gregorian offset and carbon fiber.
-Combat proven
-Rugged and durable construction designed to military specifications, compliant with MIL-STD-810E environment
-Offers low profile platform for stable operation in MIL-SPEC high wind conditions


Intelligent packaging and quick to deploy.
The combat proven Rockwell Collins SWE-DISH FA150T Mil Fly-Away is designed from the bottom up to be a rugged, easy to transport and quick to deploy satellite earth terminal. The lightweight antenna design is optimized to keep package size down and efficiency up, without compromising strength and 
durability. The sturdy construction makes it suitable for fast moving field groups with high requirements on quick and easy deployment. Tri-band capability (Ku, X, and C) increases the flexibility.
Smart packaging
The rugged cage has integrated wheels and can be used as a trolley, with the electronics flight cases stacked on top. The integrated skid plate is used for the 
same purpose on softer ground like grass, sand, mud or snow. Every transported pound is used to create a stable antenna platform, leaving no empty crates or lids lying around after deployment. The antenna sits close to the ground for increased wind stability. 
Quick deployment
Deployment and assembly of the antenna requires no tools, and can be done “gloves on” under severe environmental conditions. The FA150T Mil Fly-Away is quickly deployed in field, and the satellite typically can be acquired in less than 10 min. The integrated True Elevation Meter makes the antenna pointing fast, easy and accurate. The FA150T Mil Fly-Away has been granted a patent for smart transformation from transportation to operation.
High performing antenna
The high performing elliptical 1.5 m (59 in) Gregorian offset antenna is the heart of the FA150T Mil Fly-Away. It consists of a four piece, segmented carbon 
fiber composite reflector that is easily stored and lightweight. The dual optics Gregorian antenna concept allows a small antenna size, combined with exceptional efficiency, low side lobes and good cross polarization/axial ratio performance. The FA150T Mil Fly-Away is DISA certified for operations on DSCS X-band space segment.
Broadband capability
The FA150T Mil Fly-Away gives tri-band satellite communication capabilities to mobile command posts, theatre broadcast or incident response. Data capability ranges from 64 kbps to 60 Mbps and allows for IP encrypted traffic. The FA150T Mil Fly-Away also features tracking of inclined orbit satellites, e.g. for X-band operation. The FA150T Mil Fly-Away is in use worldwide, often under the most demanding conditions.



Side Lobe Performance 29-25 log Ø dBi
Polarization Linear <1° accuracy
Polarization Performance XPD >35 dB within 1dB cone performance
Transmit Frequency 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
Transmit Gain at Mid-band 45.0 dBi
Receive Frequency 10.70 to 12.75 GHz
Receive Gain at Mid-band 43.2 dBi
G/T 23 dB/K at 20° elevation and 20°C (68°F), clear sky
EIRP Capability 68.6 dBW with 325 W tri-band TWTA
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