Антенны: Земные станции

6.5 Meter Dual-Reflector Earth Station Antennas

Производитель: ASC Signal
Страна: США

Communications system integrators and designers can now bring their systems on line faster, more economically, and with superior performance with ASC Signal 6.5-meter Earth Station Antennas.
Excellent for high-density data, voice, communications networks, and broadcast applications, the ASC Signal 6.5m ESA features a formed dual reflector Gregorian system coupled with close-tolerance manufacturing techniques.
This combination provides extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain, superior efficiency and closely controlled pattern characteristics.
• High Gain, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
• Advanced Gregorian Optics
• C, X and Ku band Operation
• Rugged Aluminum and Steel – 125 mph (200 kph) Wind Survival
• 3-year Warranty on All Structural Components.
The 6.5 meter antenna is fully compliant with the FCC 25.209 specifications from 1° to 180° at Cband.
ASC Signal’s ESAs provide maximum durability with minimal maintenance.The hot-dipped galvanized steel ground mount assembly ensures extended product life.
Galvanized and stainless steel hardware maximize corrosion resistance.
For cost effective system expansion, available modular equipment options include anti-icing equipment as well as complete motorization and StepTrack control systems are available
• FCC r e g u l a t ion 25.209
• ITU-R, S.580-5 and S.465-5.


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