Антенны: Земные станции

9.3 Meter Dual Reflector Earth Station Antenna

Производитель: ASC Signal
Страна: США

Now telecommunications and television system operators, integrators and designers can bring their systems on line faster, more economically, and with superior performance with the
ASC Signal 9.3 meter Earth Station Antenna (ESA)
In use around the world in broadcast applications and high-density data, voice, communications networks, the ASC Signal 9.3 meter ESA features a computer-optimized dual reflector Gregorian system coupled with independently adjustable reflector panels and trusses and close-tolerance manufacturing techniques.
This combination provides extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain, superior efficiency, and closely controlled pattern characteristics.
Additionally, the elevation-over-azimuth mount enables horizon-to-horizon coverage from any worldwide location.
ASC Signal ESAs provide maximum durability with minimal maintenance. The hot-dipped galvanized steel ground mount assembly ensures extended product life.
Galvanized and stainless steel hardware maximizes corrosion resistance. A variety of options are available for cost effective system expansion, including two or four port linear or circular polarized combining networks, programmable control systems, feed rotation systems, maintenance platforms, professionally designed and documented cross-axis waveguide kits, and pressurization systems.
Microprocessor and steptrack controls are also available for motorized antennas.
• High gain, excellent pattern characteristics
• Horizon to horizon coverage with elevation over azimuth mount
• Advanced Gregorian optics
• Intelsat B compliant
ASC Signal ESAs provide maximum durability with minimal maintenance.


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