Усилители: ЛБВ (TWTA)

STA3318 Series StellarMiniTM 180 W, Ku-Band Antenna Mount TWTA

Производитель: SpacePath (e2v stellar)
Страна: Великобритания

StellarMini™ Features
Small but Powerful

The StellarMini™ is the latest generation of e2v high power Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) outdoor satellite uplink amplifiers. Smaller and lighter (weighing only 8kg) than any other equivalent high power amplifier available on the market today, but with just as much power (180W), StellarMini™ proves great things come in small packages.
Strong and Reliable

StellarMini™ may be small but like all of e2v’s HPAs, it is built to the highest engineering standards, making it reliable in even the toughest situations. The weatherproof, rugged design, alongside advanced cooling solutions, enables StellarMini™ to operate in extreme weather conditions from direct rain to direct sunlight, with proven reliability in temperatures ranging from –40 to +55 degC (-40 to +131 degF).
A Great Alternative to Solid State Amplifiers

StellarMini™ is also an excellent alternative to Solid State amplifiers; it is not only smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the average SSPA, but also as a TWT amplifier StellarMini™ provides far greater efficiencies, consuming less power to provide the same or greater power output and has lower heat dissipation which in turn is less stress on the cooling system within the unit.


The STA3318 range of Ku-Band TWT amplifiers from e2v technologies provide over 150 W of output power in a compact, lightweight, rugged, weatherproof, antenna mount enclosure. The advanced packaging and cooling techniques enable the unit to operate in extreme environmental conditions from direct rain to direct sunlight. The amplifiers can be deployed globally, are easy to integrate, userfriendly, and incorporate a comprehensive remote control facility as standard via an RS422/485 serial bus.
The HPA incorporates an e2v high efficiency dual collector TWT powered by a state-of-the-art power supply that further advances e2v technologies reputation for robust, reliable product. In addition the circulator, receive band filter and harmonic filter are included as standard, eliminating the need for additional external components.
The STA3318 is available with a wide range of options and accessories, backed by round-the-clock, worldwide technical support.
• Gain control
• L-band block upconverter
• Lightweight and compact.
• High operating temperature.
• Circulator, receive band filter and harmonic filter
included as standard.
• Weatherproof antenna mount construction allows
exposed mounting.
• Redundant control – contains control and drive circuits
for 1:1 redundancy.
• Stand-alone setting – automatically sequences to
transmit mode.
• Wide range of accessories including: controllers,
waveguide networks, cable assemblies, ducting adaptor
and cowl.
• Round-the-clock hotline support.
• RoHS compliant.
• CE compliant.



Band Ku
F (GHz) 13.75 - 14.5
TWT Power (W) 180W
TWTA Power (W) 150W
Size 132.5H x 348L x 183W
Weight 8 kg
Operating Temp Range -40 to +55 degC (-40 to 131 degF)
Power Consumption 800W prime power
Адрес: 115088, г. Москва, Шарикоподшипниковская ул., д. 4
Телефон/факс: (495) 96-800-96
E-mail: rfq@satcast.ru