Системы управления: Позиционирование антенн


Производитель: ASC Signal
Страна: США

The NGC-LTE Antenna Control System is an entry-level antenna control system intended for applications where the antenna is pointed at geostationary satellites and tracking is not equired.
The NGC–LTE System offers precise, user-friendly control over the basic motorization kits for ASC Signal Corporation antennas with sizes ranging from 3.5 meters and up.
This system has the capability of memorizing over 500 satellite positions.
Providing convenient features such as straightforward color graphics, LCD touch screen interface, and a number of powerful remote control software protocol options.
The NGC-LTE Antenna Control System is an ideal low-cost solution for small- to large-sized earth station antennas requiring simple pointing functions.
The NGC-LTE System is designed for use in situations that have previously used (or had the potential to use) the APC100 and APC400 controllers without tracking functions.
The NGC-LTE Antenna Control System uses VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) that allow the antenna to increase speed when the antenna is commanded to move to a new target atellite, while moving at a precise lower speed when the antenna is peaking up on a satellite.
The product has been designed to be in compliance with applicable CE, CSA and UL standards.

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